DEWALT DCS374B Portable Band Saw

A saw is nothing without a considerable cutting capacity, and the same thought the manufacturers of this high profile band chainsaw and take great care in providing it of about 5 inches of cutting capacity to get hold of all your major cutting projects.

Its variable speed performance helps you carry out various working projects that you would have otherwise done with multiple tools and technologies. Not only this, the integrated hanging hook allows you its easy carrying and provides you a strong grip to complete your task efficiently.

The great-looking LED work light with almost 20 seconds of delay helps you to continue your work even in the nighttime.

  • Speed variation according to need
  • LED work lights to work at night
  • Great cutting performance
  • Blade kits are small.

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12

It is one of the best and most light of all the cordless band saws of similar size. It’s easy to carry anywhere to the worksite and perfectly simple to manage while doing your cutting works. Its powerful motor comes with the capability of making up to 150 cuts in one charge span.

Its blade length is 27×1/2x.020 inches to slide down the woods into desirable pieces. Moreover, it comes with a great cutting capacity of about 1-⅝ inches, and it can be easily used for a wide range of operations without giving it a second thought. Its LED light is essential in highlighting the cut lines on the wood to prevent you from cutting the wrong way.

Also, this saw is made in such a way that it provides you with an easy adjustment for the blade tension. With a voltage of 12 V and a five year of guaranteed warranty, this saw is a never-to-miss option for anyone.

  • Powerful motor
  • Flexible blade tension adjustment
  • Great blade length for easy cutting
  • The best cordless band saw
  • No Cons

DEWALT DCS371B Centered handle position

This band saw is an extraordinary addition to the new DEWALT series. Coming to provide you with a cutting capacity of almost 2-1/2 inches and can easily cut up to 2 inches of SCH 40 pipe. To keep you at ease with its handling and balance, it comes equipped with a strong handle positioned at the center. 

When you want to see deeper into the cut lines of the woods, its LED work light is there to help. With an effortless blade tracking adjustment option, you can easily mold this saw to work for you smoothly. 

If you want your band saw to work for you for an extended period, then try using a high-profile battery. The battery and charger are not sold along with the item; you have to buy it yourself, so make sure to buy a good one.

  • Easy cutting
  • Extended life
  • Strong cutting capacity
  • Battery and charger not included

BOSCH GCB10-5 Deep-Cut Band Saw

Coming with a strong and powerful motor of up to 10 amp, this stunning little band saw provides you with much cleaner cuts into the woods and material and doesn’t demand from you any rework/ additional tempering or burns turn them into the perfect cut out pieces. 

When it comes to providing you security and safety, this band is in the leading position. It comes with a spark-free existence that is helpful in maintaining a safer working at the Jobsite. It can deliver to you up to 4-3/4 inches deeper cuts in a mere single pass. 

Extending the list of features, this band saw is just a great option for those who want to own a purely lightweight and design saw that is ideal for cutting all types of toughest overhead materials that are otherwise difficult to cut down.

  • 10 amp powerful motor
  • The lightweight of up to 14.5 lbs.
  • It offers versatility in cutting various materials easily.
  • 4-3/4 inches deep cut capacity
  • Flimsy hinges and blade access doors

DEWALT Portable Bandsaw

Whatever type of cutting job you might want from this bandsaw, it is ever ready to perform the task. It is one of the industry’s most leading and top-rated bandsaw that comes with an extremely high power motor of up to 10 amp. Providing you deeper 5-inches cut is great for cutting any round or rectangular shaped materials. 

 Its LED lights are a stunning addition that allows you to work efficiently in the dark and even in the dim light areas. You obviously would not want to damage your saw by placing it anywhere around, so for this purpose, it comes with an integrated hook to allow you to hand in on without giving much damage to the castings or front handles. 

With its variable speed dial, it becomes easy and quite simple for you to cut various materials and use your saw for various purposes.

  • Variable speed for various applications
  • Deep cut capacity for effective cutting
  • LED lights to work at night
  • Integrated hook to hang it without damaging
  • No considerable cons

Rikon 10-3061 10 Deluxe Bandsaw

This product comes with a bandsaw blade of up to 5/16″ x 70-1/2″ 6TPI that is amazingly great to produce some small cuts in various materials, including woods, metals, and many more of your choice. For any small to medium-sized project to be done nicely, it has a high-power motor having the 1/2HP and cutting blades with a speed of almost 1515 or 3280 ft/min. 

It has some extraordinary features, including large blade tracking knobs, tool-less blade guides, a safety paddle, on/off switches for easy starting, quick release blade tension lever, and an amazing dust port for shop vacuum hook up. These features help it to stand more prominent and dominant among other similar-sized bandsaws. 

Also, it comes along with a high-quality iron table for better performance. The size of the table is 13-3/4 x 12-1/2 inches and is just perfect for allowing you to carry on your cutting projects with greater ease. This is a great option for you if you want to get your cutting work done within no time.

  • Speedy cutting performance
  • Best quality, durable iron table for ease of cutting
  • Featured packed
  • The table is not perfectly flat

Grizzly Industrial G0555LX

When you are planning to do some heavy-duty DIY woodcutting project, then we suggest you start with this best quality Deluxe bandsaw from Grizzly Industries. It comes with a high power motor of up to 1 HP. With this power, you can carry out all your small to medium-sized projects. 

Not only this, but when it comes to providing you a surface for better cutting, it has a great sized table coming into about 14 x 14 x 1-1/2 inches in dimensions. The maximum height from the floor to the table is about 43 inches; this becomes great support for you as it doesn’t leave your back pain when you have completed the task. 

Nothing can stop you from making your DIY impressive, detailed, and cleaner than working with this superior quality saw.

  • Table included
  • Robust design
  • Quality manufacturing
  • High power motor for effective cutting Cons Table surface not perfectly flat
  • Table surface not perfectly flat
  • Not much rated

SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch

For an extremely fine and superior cutting, this band saw is the best to go for. It comes added with a rip fence that is famous for its precise and accurate cutting. Its blades are capable of cutting through a wide variety of wood materials, any of your choice. 

Its LED work light is efficient in providing you much a clear vision to see the fine cut lines even on the darker nights. To keep your work area clear from any type of dust, it is well-equipped with a 1-1/2 inch dust port to keep all the extracted dust. 

To save your time from the heavy and tiring adjustments, it also contains a rack and a pinion table that makes it extremely easy for you to make some quick height and angle adjustments for better cutting.

  • Easy height and angle adjustments
  • LED work light for effective cutting
  • Dust port for saving up the dust to keep the area cleaner
  • Limited cutting for bigger chunks of wood

Micro Mark Variable Speed Band Saw

Towards ending our list is this high-profile portable bandsaw that you can use for cutting any type of material, including wood and metal. It has a strong cast aluminum frame that makes it sturdy to handle the rough cutting projects along with providing it durability and long life. 

A7-3/4 inch square-shaped table made of aluminum accompanies the product to allow you to feel more comfortable and relaxed while cutting a whole bunch of woods or metals depending upon your project’s need. This table can tilt between 0 to 45 degrees for bevel cuts. 

This saw has a variable cutting capacity for various materials; 3 inches for softwoods, 2 inches for hardwoods, ¼ inches for mild steel, 1-1/4 inches for plastic, 5/8 inches for copper or brass, and ¾ inches for aluminum, respectively.

  • Variable cutting capacity
  • Table included
  • Durable and long-living
  • Not fit for bigger cutting projects

JET HVBS-712D 7″x12″ 414560

Now here we introduce you to our last product. It is an upgraded quality bandsaw that comes with micro-adjustable tool-less material that allows you to do a perfectly easy and effortless setup and adjustment. 

Its base contains a premium quality cooling system that keeps your saw at the maintained temperature all the time and prevents it from getting overheated. This increases your efficient work time and helps you to complete your tasks without any hindrance. 

Lastly, this product has a motor with a much-increased power to cut down various materials easily, and its strict electrical requirements make it much safer in use than any other bandsaw.

  • Safer to use
  • A premium quality cooling system
  • Sharp cutting
  • The collection tray is not big enough