1. Bosch 

Robert Bosch Gmbh, also known as Bosch is a German multinational company producing goods internationally in different business sectors. Bosch offers products in the mobility solutions sector, consumer goods sector, mobility sector, and energy and building technology sector.

The consumer goods include household appliances and power tools mainly. The Bosch group generates revenue of more than $87B just in the power tools business. It offers a wide range of power tools including hammer drills, screwdrivers, cordless jigsaws, lawn-movers, high-pressure water cleaners, and air cleaners, and hedge trimmers. 

Also, there are two things that we must focus on; 

  1. Bosch is owned 90% by Robert Bosch Stiftung, which is a charitable organization itself. So, we can have a clear idea of the contribution of Bosch towards society, which can be visualized in the power tools too.
  2. Bosch is the pioneer of providing the world with battery-powered power tools. So, the cordless power tools today are the invention of Bosch. While using Bosch power tools, the attributes that strike our minds are toughness, reliability, and durability.

The products are used all over the world for their reliability and high performance. Let’s have a look at some of the products and then we shall discuss the pros and cons of the Bosch Power tools.


  • The power tools of Bosch Group offers a wide range of products with multiple variants and features and variants. Such a large number of variants and versatility are not available in other brands. So, it gives you variety and Versatility.
  • High Performance is the top-most priority of Bosch power tools. The Quality, toughness, and durability of the tools and their replacement parts are extraordinary.
  • Most of the tools offered by Bosch are battery-powered, cordless tools. They offer different battery sizes as per the demands of the consumer. The 12V, 18V, and 36V batteries are standard but with some variation are there in other tools. These large batteries allow you to use them without worrying about the power shortage.


  • The prices of the Bosch power tools are quite high. But, those prices are justified considering the quality and the features. Still, it is regarded as a disadvantage relating it to the competitors in the market.
  • The Power tools of Bosch are sometimes a bit complex to deal with> power tools are always not so easy to operate. They, at least, require you to read the instruction manual or take help from a professional while using them as a beginner.
  • Bosch has been somehow not so active in the market regarding the marketing of their products or understanding the consumer concerns.

2. Stanley Black and Decker 

Stanley Black and Decker Inc. founded in 1843 is an American Company based in Hartford City, New Britain. They produced industrial tools and other consumer goods including household appliances and power tools. In 2010, Stanley merged with the American Giant Black and Decker and expanded its business ventures. They generate revenue of more than $4B per annum. Another best thing about Stanley is their growth expansion in the power tools industry. In the last two decades, Stanley Black and Decker brand has doubled its growth, which is pretty awesome.

Stanley Group has an immense network of the production and supply chain of power tools as they own some of the major power tools brands such as:

  • Dewalt
  • Black and decker
  • Craftsman
  • Porter-cable

Although, Stanley has their tools too but many of the tools are small household tools and not power tools. For example, hammers, cutting saws, nails, storage boxes, and other household and automotive tools.

However, for the power tools, Stanley has the brand Stanley Black and Decker which offers a good amount of premium quality tools for the household and construction sectors.

Let’s have a look at some of Stanley’s Black and Decker power tools and then we will discuss the pros and cons of this brand.


  • Stanley Black and Decker have the largest network in the power tools market as Stanley owns some of the biggest giants in the power tools industry.
  • They are one of the oldest manufacturers in the industry so the consumer preferences are best known and considered by Stanley
  • Black and Decker, has been one of the toughest tools producing brands in the US. So, together, the reliability and toughness of the tools are worth mentioning.


  • As for Stanley Black and Decker, the range and variety of tools are a bit narrow. Only some famous tools such as drills and other common tools are provided to the consumer market in the power tools segment
  • “Stanley Black and Decker” is now focused more on household appliances and tools, so the power tools seem neglected by Stanley.

3. Makita

Makita is another well-known brand in the power tools industry. Makita is a Japanese based company having manufacturing units in other countries of the world too. Makita is also one of the oldest brands operating and manufacturing power tools since 1915. 

Makita comes in a blue-black theme which distinguishes it from other brands in the market. They are well known for the durability and power efficiency and effectiveness. You will find Makita power tools among many construction sites and industrial areas. They also have some distinctive products in the household segment such as the coffee maker.

Makita has also one unique feature which is very different from all other brands of power tools; the tools of Makita have a built-in computerized system that helps the system to identify, regulate and control any problems in the tool such as excessive heating, failure, malfunctioning, etc.


  • Makita is well known for the reliability of its tools since it is one of the oldest brands in the market
  • The computerized system embedded in Makita tools makes it different from all other brands in the market.
  • The range, variety, and the huge number of tools available at Makita are also one of their competitive strengths.
  • Their distribution channels and customer support is one of the effective ones.


  • Some products of Makita are almost the same with little, unnoticeable changes, just to increase the variety.
  • The manufacturing in other countries than the parent country (Japan) have made the customers concerned about the quality of the products and yes the quality can’t be the same.

4. DeWalt

How can we not talk about the famous yellow-black colored tools of DeWalt? DeWalt is an American manufacturer of power tools founded by the famous American inventor Raymond DeWalt in Pennsylvania in 1924. He felt the need of manufacturing these tools when he first invented the radial saw in 1922 as He was concerned about the safety of the workers. He then started manufacturing these tools for the first time to make the workers more efficient as instructed by his boss.\ Today, DeWalt is owned by the brand Black and Decker which is a subsidiary of Stanley Inc.

DeWalt is famous for providing an extensive range of high powered power tools to the market.


  • DeWalt has the most extensive range of tools covering each segment of the consumer demand and usage. The battery variations, corded and cordless, and the different working mechanisms such as the battery, air, and gravity mechanism is what makes DeWalt different from other brands.
  • The power of the DeWalt tools is immense. The 20V Max league tools have been one of the highest performing tools in the industry regarding battery output.
  • The customer support service is outstanding.


  • Some of the tools do not seem to be up to date or as effective as they are required, although they are unique.
  • The heavy batteries of the DeWalt power tools decrease the overall lifespan of the devices.

5. Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Electric Tools Corporation is another American brand of power tools known for the toughness, reliability, and durability of their products. The company was founded by A.F. Siebert in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company became highlighted when they first produced the lightest drill machine of the time known as the hole-shooter. 

After that, the company started producing other power tools and household construction and engineering tools. Since then, the company has mastered the power tools business in terms of producing lightweight corded and cordless power tools

Milwaukee is a subsidiary of the brand Techtronic, which owns other power tools brands too such as Ryobi, Hoover, etc.

Milwaukee power tools are best recognized by the bright red and dark theme of the brand.


  • The durability, reliability, and performance of the Milwaukee power tools are commendable.
  • Their M12(12Volts) and M18(18V) line up products deliver a great battery performance
  • The design and style of the products are very innovative compared to other brands in the market.
  • Diversity is their main competitive strength since the advent of the hole-shooter drill. So, you’ll find products in their product line that are unique and you can’t find them in other brands.


  • The M12 and M18 line-up products deliver good performance in terms of battery output but still this is not sufficient for the power tool used outdoor such as the chainsaw and other cordless products that require more battery input.
  • The Milwaukee power tools have a lifespan of a maximum of 10 years, which is not as good as their competitors’.
  • The company gives a 5-year warranty which cannot compete with the lifetime warranty of the other brands’ products.

6. Ryobi

Ryobi tools is a Japanese company manufacturing power tools and other household electric tools all over the world. Ryobi is well known for its extensive network of manufacturing and supply chain around the globe. They sell their products in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. The products are sold in household stores, hardware stores, and online as well. 

Ryobi tools can easily be identified by the pistachio-green and black color scheme.

Ryobi is owned by the Honk-Kong based power tools manufacturer, Techtronic INC. 

Techtronic also owns Milwaukee but that brand is more of the professional hardcore tasks oriented and the tools are mostly for contractors and heavy-duty work.

However, Ryobi is mostly classified as a DIY-oriented brand because the tools are mostly used by households for DIY purposes.


  • A very good brand for specialty tools, core tools, common household tools.
  • Best tools for DIY use.
  • Innovative and problem-solving tools


  • This is not a well-suited brand for heavy-duty work. The tools are mostly DIY oriented. So many of the tools can’t be used for heavy-duty purposes.
  • Disregards a very huge segment of the power tools by not targeting the power tools to be used by professionals and contractors.

7. Hitachi

Hitachi power tools also known as the HTP is currently owned by the Koki Holdings since 2017. They have named the company HiKOKI in which the Hi letters represent Hitachi and KOKI is the same name as Koki Holdings and all the Hitachi products are now manufactured with this brand name. Hitachi has been a famous brand with a prominent brand name known for its toughness and durability.

HiKOKI produced a variety of products in the cordless, corded, subcompact, and other categories. 

Hitachi has always been involved with knowing the consumer concerns and producing the finest and top quality tools. It has never compromised on the quality of the products.

If you are looking for a wide range, diverse and best quality products, Hitachi can be the right choice for you.


  • The durability of the tools can’t be questioned in the case of Hitachi.
  • An old, strong brand name that persists
  • The product range is huge.
  • Some of the common products are innovated by adding uniqueness and special characteristics such as the cordless screwdriver with the screw attachment features.


  • The common products are innovated undoubtedly, but no new inventions or innovations can be seen.
  • The distribution channel is not very much effective, this adds to the unavailability of the products sometimes.

8. Ridgid

The Ridge Tool Company is an American tools manufacturer that produces and distributes tools under the brand name Ridgid. Ridgid is owned by the American multinational corporation, “The Emerson Electric Co”.

Ridgid manufactures many types of plumbing tools, electric tools, construction tools and HVAC tools and power tools, etc.

Ridgid places itself based on their wrench tools and has made itself famous by marketing it also showing their rod color scheme in the wrenches.

Ridgid tools are founded commonly in almost every construction site. They have a narrow range of tools but because they offer good competitive prices, and a good length warranty. This gives the customers a sense of satisfaction while purchasing the products.


  • The tools of Ridgid are known for their promising quality as they have a premium quality and reliability.
  • There is a sheer amount of uniqueness found in the Ridgid power tools.
  • They offer one of the best prices.
  • They offer a very good warranty. Sometimes, the lengthy warranty makes the customers satisfied with the quality of the products.


  • The tools of Ridgid are less in number, especially the cordless tools. So, they have a narrow range.
  • Their marketing and distribution are not as good as their competitors. So the distribution and availability of the products are not so good.

9. Skil

Skil is an American based power tools company owned by the Chinese company Chevron. It started the business when it first invented the circular saw model 77. This saw has been called the saw which constructed America. Since then, it has been making saws and other power tools and many other tools of household and construction. It produces many of the industrial tools which are heavy duty and super duty under the brand name of Skilsaw.


  • High-performance tools with an affordable price range.
  • Most of the tools are DIY centric and provide a good solution to the household.
  • They also provide some high end industrial heavy-duty tools.
  • They have brought innovation in many of the products especially the Skil saws regarding the design and functionality of the tools.


  • They have a broad range of products but the products are confined to some broader categories.