Dewalt Table Saw

This table saw is the perfect choice for you if you want a partner in your work travel that can also share your workload with you. It is a portable, easy to set up, and sore product. With its telescoping fence rails, you can adjust the fence quickly and super smoothly. 

It comes with great power of up to 15 Amp. Containing a powerful motor of up to 5800 rpm motor, this is a mighty tool to help you cut all the woods with ease. Not only this, but it also has a rip capacity of up to 24. 5 inches and is made with 4×8 plywood or OSB sheets. 

To add much durability to its design and body, manufacturers have deliberately made it with a high-quality metal roll cage. When you see your table saw living and working with for a longer time, you obviously would feel happy and relaxed.

  • Sturdy material
  • Long living
  • Durable
  • Great power
  • Not much rated

Delta 36-6013

If you need a powerful tool that can help you complete your cutting projects, then here we are introducing to you this stunning table saw by Delta. Working for so long in the manufacturing industry, this brand has now become famous for its high quality and long-living table saws. 

However, this specific saw comes with around 15 Amp of power that can easily handle the hardwoods and lumber that you present to it. Its 25 Inch Rip Capacity and 13/16 in stacked dado capacity is something great to admire. 

Along with high-quality professional performance, these table saws allow you to carry them along with you anywhere without any hassle.

  • Professional performance
  • Effortless portability
  • Upgraded performance
  • The tabletop is not perfectly flat


With this table saw combined with your creativity, you can do wonders. It comes to entertain you variable speed limits that can cut plastic, metal, and wood also. It comes in 10×11 ½ x7 inches in dimensions only and weighs approximately around 11 lbs, so it is perfectly easy to carry and handle when taking from one place to another. 

You can use this high-speed table saw by simply plugging it into the 120v AC outlet. At this power voltage, it will provide you with an unforgettable performance for cutting and shaping. When compared with other similar sizes of table saws, this saw is proved to be more accurate, more powerful, and even smoother to run. 

Not leaving you here, this saw comes with a guaranteed 2-year of warranty that allows you to enjoy its performance with increased satisfaction and relief.

  • Perfect dimensions to place anywhere
  • Portable
  • Extremely powerful
  • Varying speeds
  • Perfect for cutting all types of material
  • Not so precise in design; the surface is not flat

Powermatic 1791229K

When you have some toughest jobs to be done within minutes, this table saw by Powermatic is handy in completing the task. It is highly tested to meet all your required demands and high standards. Even you use it at home, at the shop, or in the field, the results it provides are great and impressive. 

When it comes to durability and long life, it is premium tested and is efficient in providing you great performance that you will undoubtedly love to admire. So, getting this saw for you can end your search for a true performance product. 

Heavy wood/board cuttings and DIYs were never an easy task to maintain; however, it has become now with this supreme quality table saw by Powermatic. We suggest you go for it if you really want to have a simple yet enjoyable experience with your projects.

  • Ultra-durable
  • Perfect for wood/board cutting projects
  • Convenient to use in fields, homes, or shops
  • Great dust collection
  • No considerable cons

Genesis GTS10SB 10″

Not lagging behind in performance than any other similar category table saw, this table saw also has a power of almost 15 Amp with a motor running at 4,800 RPM that is undoubtedly enough to carry out any heavy-duty cutting task. It comes with an extra-large table making up to 24 X 20 inches in dimensions. 

Whether you want to Rip-Cut, Bevel Cut, Compound Cut, or Miter Cut your wood, and this saw is always ready to do it for you. It has a self-aligning Rip Fence that gets automatically locked from both front and rear to provide you a strong grip by making all things to stand firm in their place. 

Serving you for long years, this saw comes to make you satisfied with its 2-year guaranteed warranty that lets you purchase it and do your work with complete satisfaction.

  • Great power
  • Easy setup
  • Great quality
  • Easy to handle
  • 2-year warranty
  • Poorly designed stand
  • Bolt holes do not line up often

SKILSAW SPT99T-01 8-1/4″

When you want a table saw that is compact sized and lightweight to be handled and move from place to place without making you feel tired, then this Worm Drive Table Saw by SKILSAW can be the best pick for you. 

It is designed to provide you maximum torque for all kinds of ripping and cutting applications depending upon your choice and need. Along with it, this table saw is something great to have in the home, field, or even the shops for precise, smooth, and accurate cuts. 

It is extremely powerful to slice up the sheets of up to 3x, having a depth of almost 2-5/8 inch. It is wholly made of metal and comes to stay with you for a much longer time than you expected.

  • Long life
  • Perfect for smooth and accurate cuts
  • Maximum torque
  • Can slice sheets with much ease
  • Cheap plastic clearance insert

Delta 36-6023

Containing a powerful motor with up to 15 Amp Contractor Grade, this table saw is a priceless portable table that you would obviously love to have with you for your day-to-day projects. Its 25 Inch Rip Capacity and 13/16 in stacked dado capacity make it stand dominant among other similar products. 

Besides, its pinion fence and durable rack make it completely easy for you to make the fence adjustments perfectly according to your own convenience. This makes a great product when it comes to doing some DIY project at the home of any nearby park where you love to work. 

Its professional 5-years warranty is a relief that makes you more confident in making up the decision of giving a purchase at least once.

  • 5-years guaranteed warranty
  • Durable and long-living
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Perfect for DIYs
  • No obvious cons

Huanyu Mini Table Saw

This saw can provide you greater assistance in cutting up to 1-40mm thick material with incredible ease, as it comes with a high voltage battery of DC12-24V and a motor with between 1000 and 3000rpm. 

The whole body set contains an alloy blade, a variable power supply, and also a Hex wrench that makes it complete in providing an unforgettable cutting experience to you. It is highly compatible with all types of metals, board, acrylic, wood, plastic, and you can also use it to complete your DIY projects with greater ease. 

It works perfectly great when placed at an angle between 0-90 degrees. However, you can increase its performance by replacing its different parts, but those you have to buy separately.

  • High voltage power
  • Great cutting and grinding speed
  • Perfect for all types of cutting
  • Not fit for large cutting projects

Rockwell BladeRunner X2

This is an amazingly working, easy to set up and handles tabletop saw that you could use from your day-to-day cutting projects. It is lightweight and allows you to carry itself around your Jobsite very easily. 

Despite its small size and lightweight feature, it is quite efficient in cutting like a full-sized as it comes with an advanced riving knife system and standard guard to allow you to perform scroll, miter cuts, rip and also cross. 

With the help of an adjustable gauge, you can easily pull off its precise miter cuts for your whole woodworking projects. When you feel its rip fence, miter gauge, and other extra blades are not in use with you, and you can simply store them in the base of the saw to protect them from being lost or damaged and enjoy your projects for longer terms.

  • Easy to set up in seconds
  • A cutting performance like a full-sized
  • Safety switch for safe and protected cutting
  • Great space for the accessories storage
  • Not fit for marblewood cutting


Engaging you with a high-profile featured body along with a 3-year of guaranteed warranty, this table saw complies with our list. It comes with a TCT blade, including the high-definition cuts steel and aluminum wood. Also, the embedded nails and plastic material over some parts give it a much attractive and impressive look. 

It’s 15 A gearbox, along with a blade system, increases the blade and motor life manifolds and is highly efficient in carrying out your heavy cutting tasks. Not only this, but its accurate rip cutting can be adjusted with a durable and highly efficient parallel fence that comes in a full length. 

Lastly, this table saw is something great that works really well when placed between 0-45 degrees and up to 60 degrees for better miter cuts. With a long and guaranteed 3-year warranty, you can go for purchasing it without giving any second thought.

  • Powerful gearbox
  • Perfect for heavy cutting projects
  • Guaranteed 3-year warranty
  • No parts for saw
  • Tricky to understand assembly instructions