How to Sharpen the Blades

There are a few options to consider with regards to sharpening reel mower blades. Nevertheless, before starting to sharpen, you must take safety precautions. So that if something goes wrong, you will not get hurt.

Following are the steps that you should take before you sharpen the blade of the reel mower.

  • Make sure that the reel is secure.
  • While sharpening does not place your hands on the cutting edge.
  • Avoid cutting your hands with the blades as they might carry germs.
  • Do not get side-tracked while sharpening the blade, as it can easily lead to accidents.
  • I think it is a given not to sharpen the blade or any other thing while on drugs or tired.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry and loose clothes while sharpening the blade. The reason being that loos clothes and jewelry might get stuck in the mower and might cause an accident which can easily be avoided.
  • Avoid wearing slippers or any other boots that might be slippery. Also were long pants and, if possible, a leather apron to protect yourself from objects that may be thrown or fall.
  • Also, wear glasses or, if possible, a metal face protector to protect your face while sharpening. While sharpening, many small metal particles will fly around, that as well as sand, stones, and different particles. Consequently, it is essential to secure your eyes by wearing safety glasses or a face safeguard.

How to Sharpen the Mower Blades

There are a few different ways to hone a reel sharpen a reel mower’s blades. Whichever one you pick, ensure that you follow essential safety precautions, for example, securing the reel, not allowing your fingers to get trapped in the cutting component.

There are several ways by which you can sharpen your reel mowers blade, some of which are as follows.

  • Regular sharpening kit.
  • Back lapping sharpening kit.
  • Using a file.
  • A power drill equipped with a sharpening bit.
  • Using sandpaper.

Sharpening by Using a File

using a file is most effective among all the sharpening techniques, and it is simple and assists you with sharpening the edges of the blade until it is to your liking. In any case, before metal records can be utilized, it is fundamental to dispose of debris, stones, sand, and different particles that might be stuck on the sharp edge,

By doing so, you can work quickly and more effectively without any worries. Lay the perfect sharp edge on a level surface with the front line jutting somewhat out of the surface, so it looks slightly suspended in the air. While doing this, guarantee the wheels are secure with a piece of wood or stone to make sure that they will stay still while you work.

Likewise, wedge the blade by inserting materials like a brush or some other comparable material into the sharp edge. This is to keep the reel from turning while at the same time sharpening the blade. When done, utilize the file to scratch through the edge of the blade, ensuring you go forward and in reverse all through the length of the blade.

Do this multiple time on the same spot through the length of the mowers blade until a sharpness that suits your taste is accomplished. When done, remove the wedge and position the reel so it allows you to reach the back of the blade.

Repeat this process for other spots on the blade at the same time, making sure to filing until the blade has a really sharp edge. As you probably are aware, a reel mower comes in various sizes and a different number of blades.

Sharpening the blades using the method will require you to sharpen each and every blade using the same process. When done with the first blade, move the reel backwards, giving access to the next blade.

Repeat this process for however many blades your reel mower has and file off the edge until nice and sharp. Once you are done with the sharpening process of the blade, apply grease to the blade to prevent it from rusting.

You can spray the lubricant directly on to the blade, or you can pour some lubricant on a rag and then, with that cloth, wipe down the edges of the blade. Using either one of them works well for preventing your mowers blade from getting rust.

Sharpening Using Black Lapping Sharpening Kit

Another approach for sharpening your reel lawn mower, and one of the most effortless, is to utilize a back lapping sharpening kit. These kits come with a handle and sharpening compound.

A sharpening compound is a gritty substance that is applied to the blade and sharpens the beveled edges of the blade as they scratch against one another. To sharpen your mower with a lapping pack, connect the handle to the driving gear of your reel mower and by using a paintbrush apply the sharpening compound to all the blades.

After you are done aping the lubricant, crank the reel backwards that the blades scrape against each other down, restoring the sharpness they once had. While turning the reel backwards can be done by hand, but it does require straining your elbow a bit.

If you want to save time, you can use an attachment on the power drill to reel more quickly and easily.

  • How to Adjust the Reel Mower

Perhaps the most well-known issues that can be inaccurately attributed to dull cutting edges is poor sharp edge arrangement. Inaccurate contact of the blade can reduce the proficiency of your mower’s blades.

This might lead you to think that the mower requires sharpening when all that is truly required is a minimal adjustment of the blades. Fortunately, with only a couple of straightforward steps, you can adjust the reel mower for it to perform at its best.

First, you need to put your reel trimmer on a tabletop or workbench and stop the wheels from moving. After that use, your hands spin the reel back and forth to decide on the type of adjustment it requires.

  • If the wheel makes a scraping sound, you will need to adjust the blade further from the bed knife.
  • If the reel is spinning too loosely, then it requires the blade to be moved closer to the horizontal cutting bar.
  • Once you have determined the type of adjustment required, now remove the screw located on the side of the reel by using a flathead screwdriver.
  • If you need to move the blades closer, tighten the screws and opposite if you want to move the blade away.
  • Make only slit changes; only a fraction of an urn is enough to prevent over adjustment of the mower.
  • Next, you need to turn the screw on either side of the cutting bar in the opposite direction of the reel screw. Remember to move only a small amount and follow the above steps.
  • After you are done with the adjustments of the reel, rotate it to check if you need any more adjustments or if it is ok to be used.


Sharpening a reel mowers blade is simple and easy, especially in today’s age. You can easily sharpen the blade in just a few minutes using some of the new technology.

If you are an owner of a reel mower that there is no need to have the blade sharpen; by paying someone to do it, you can easily do it with the things you have in your garage.