Ride-on mowers

If you are blessed with large lawns then ride on movers is perfectly suitable for you. Ride-on mowers are also known as front mowers. These mowers are preferable over walk-on mowers so they are expensive as compared to others. It is equipped with comfortable seats and provides a pleasant and enjoyable cutting experience. X 300 Select Series, X 500 Select Series, and X 700 signature series are the best rides on mowers that are composed of high-quality durable material and are available at an affordable price in the market.

Lawn tractors

Lawn tractors are suitable for use in large areas of lawn where the width ranges from 42 to 54 inches. These lawn tractors are available at a reasonable price in the market. Their engine size ranges from 18 to 25 horsepower. A lawn tractor can save your time and effort. However, it is sometimes difficult to maneuver and handle. These are mostly gas-powered machines and provide two to three times faster grass cutting as compared to general lawnmowers. These long practices are suitable for plows, bagging, mulch, and clippings. It is equipped with a steering wheel that is easy to handle and highly comfortable seats. You can easily adjust the size of the cutting according to your choice.

Rear Engine Riding mower

These mowers contain their engines at the rear side of the machine. This tool is perfect to use with moderate to small-sized lawns. Its engine possesses horsepower of 10 to 11 and contains a single cylinder. These riding mowers are also very easy to handle and are comfortable.

Zero-turn mowers

These mowers are becoming common day by day. It gives all-around cutting performance and can easily cut those landscape edges with great precision that are difficult to cut with other mowers. Their steering wheel is highly efficient to handle. They can easily cut the grasses of irregularly shaped lawns in shorter times. These are suitable for lawns having a width range from 32 to 60 inches. Their engine features horsepower ranging from 12 to 25. Price varies depending on the model. However, they are available at a reasonable price.

Walk mowers

In this type, users have to walk behind the mower. Many different types of lawn mowers are included in this category like cylinder mowers, rotary, and push mowers. These mowers can precisely cut the grass in any direction. These are also available at affordable prices in the market.

Push mowers

These types of mowers are very popular nowadays because they are available at inexpensive rates in the market. Push mowers require the force that pushes the device across the lawn. These tools are lightweight so it is easy to handle and manage. This machine is good for those who want to perform some regular exercise in their daily routine. It is the simplest type of lawnmower and is perfectly suitable for small yards. It is not good for use on uneven surfaces. It does not produce any noise or emissions.


A variety of lawn mowers are available. So, it’s up to you which type of lawn mower do you like the most. However, it also depends on your budget, lawn area, and usage.