Why Do you Need a String Trimmer?

Most yards can profit from a string trimmer since it allows you to deal with zones you can only, with significant effort, reach with a lawnmower. If you have a part of the yard that runs along a fence line, grass that develops against the house or trees in your grass, a string trimmer makes it a lot simpler to keep your yard nice and crisp.

 Not only that, a string trimmer allows you to trim around beds of sensitive flowers or new plants cautiously. Not only does it do delicate trimming, but it can also tackle a thick stand of grass or weeds that could give most lawnmowers a run for their money.

A string trimmer is really versatile as it can utilize attachments for other purposes on the lawn. You can buy string trimmer attachments that convert the trimmer to an edger, brush shaper, cultivator, blower, sweeper, or pole saw.

Some models of string trimmer have a rotating head which allows it to be used as an edger as well as a trimmer. It is one of the essential tools for anyone who owns a yard. You get two in one package by using this type of trimmer.

Things you Should Know About String Trimmers

Before you start trimming your yard, first, you need to pick the string trimmer that is appropriate for your needs. With such a vast choice available, including electric, cordless and gas, it is critical to figure out what is best for your yard and needs.

For instance, a more oversized yard with large trees would profit more from a gas string trimmer, while a more modest yard that requires less upkeep would be very much kept with a cordless string trimmer that needs to be charged after each use.

Moreover, on the off chance that you need the apparatus for a brief timeframe, consider using The Home Depot tool rental assistance to rent a string trimmer. You should also know what type of string trimmer you need. Straight-shaft trimmers are extraordinary for high branches and have excellent manoeuvrability; bent shaft trimmers work splendidly around the flower.

How To Taper

After you have selected a trimmer suitable for your yard, its time to cut.

Turn on the string trimmer; make sure that you follow the directions. Be mindful so as not to hold the string trimmer directly over the lawn for the strings to cut the yard. This will cause scalping and conceivable long-term lawn scarring and damage.

When edging walkways and flower beds or along with the carport, keep the trimmer spool level and parallel with the ground. It would help if you had the string to stay vertical, so pick your ideal height and hold the trimmer upright as you walk a straight line or cutaway.

Tapering is an excellent method for trimming along curbs, fences, or trees.  Get your trimmer and hold it at a slight point over the grass. You should use it comparably to how you would like in the event that you were edging; however, the angle is critical.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In the event that you are thinking about whether buying a string trimmer is the correct move for you, it’s essential to consider the benefits and weaknesses that these devices offer. A considerable number of property holders and landscaping experts depend on string trimmer to maintain yards, yet they are not the ideal instrument for everybody. Let us take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with this power tool. The main advantage of string trimmers is that they are the ideal supplement to lawnmowers.

Because of the design of a mower, it cannot hit specific restricted spaces, for example, along narrow walkways, fences, trees, obstacles, and flower beds. Be that as it may, because of the reduced top of a string trimmer, it is ideal for getting into those spots and levelling those regions to the tall grass remaining in your yard. A string trimmer is likewise flexible and can eliminate weeds and even dispose of the problematic grass or weedy fixes that creep through breaks in the walkway.

Different advantages of a string trimmer are that they are moderately affordable, lightweight, and simple to store and utilize. There are not numerous cons of a string trimmer; however, depending upon your ideal use, it probably will not be the perfect instrument for the work. Because of the little cutting width of these tools, most models can mow an area between 12″ to 16″; it is unquestionably not ideal for cutting enormous regions of grass. There are additionally a few cons intrinsic to each style of trimmer.

While offering the most power, versatility, and cutting execution, gas trimmers can be somewhat loud and emit fumes. Cordless models offer striking force and versatility, yet you are limited to the existence of your rechargeable battery. What is more, corded models are the most moderate alternatives available; however, they restrict you since you will be bound to an extension cord.

Lawn Mower Vs Grass Trimmer

For yard maintenance, it isn’t easy to contrast a string trimmer and a mower since the two of them do various tasks remarkably well. A mower is a workhorse that handles the bulk of the cutting, while a trimmer is a finisher used to tidy up places that the mower may have missed.

At the point when these two instruments work in pair, yard work should be quick and with a fantastic finish. A grass trimmer is intended to cut your grass to particular tallness. Depending upon the size of their yard, people pick between different gas, electric, or battery-operated models as well as traditional walk-behind and riding trimmers.

These devices highlight wide cutting decks with blades on their underside. As the device is progressed, it makes a wide cutting way across the yard, permitting it to handle huge positions decently fast and without any problem. A string trimmer is an ideal tool for your yard that gives it a professional and clean finish.

The tool includes a turning head that spins a string at an amazingly high speed, permitting it to cut through patches of weeds and grass. These tools come in gas, electric, and battery-operating models as well. While trimmer does not have a wide cutting path that can handle an enormous zone, their conservative size is ideal for managing around bushes, fences, and flower beds while additionally removing weeds without any problem.

This makes it the ideal tool to make those spots that the trimmer may have missed perfect and clean. While string clippers and grass trimmer are both extraordinary devices that convey spotless, effective outcomes to yards, the primary concern to remember is that they are each most appropriate for specific assignments. A mower is more impressive and viable at cutting a huge territory contrasted to struggling for hours with a trimmer.

A mower will not be able to perfectly shear each grass blade along a fence or around a tree as a string trimmer can. However, by joining the force and cutting width of a cutter with the edging ability and mobility of a trimmer, you have the instruments expected to make your yard put its best self forward.


In today’s age, not many people own lawns that they would need trimmers. Those who have a lawn will know the importance of having a trimmer and an edger. You might be able to mow your lawn using a mower, but without a trimmer, you will not be able to cut tight spots of the yard where the mower cannot reach.

There are also some trimmers that have an edger as well, so you do not need to buy a separate tool for them. All you need is one device that will do the job of both trimmer and edger.

If you want to have a nice crisp finish on your lawn and the sides of your driveway, then we highly recommend you get yourself a trimmer.