Which is better between Stihl and Husqvarna?

It is the personal preference to select any one brand among these two based on their respective features. In both the brands, gas and electric chainsaws are present along with professional models and all of these have a similar line-up. Even though the marketing terms used by them are different, the features of these brands can be compared. 

The fuel tank in Husqvarna chainsaws is larger whereas while comparing the prices, Stihl chainsaws are cheaper.

Since each of the brands has a range of features, their appeal to the users is different from their actual image. To know the better brand between the two, go through this article carefully. In this article, both the brands will be compared based on their strengths and weaknesses and thus, you can very well make up your mind among the two brands of the chainsaw.

Feature Comparison between Stihl vs Husqvarna

In Stihl chainsaws, a fuel injection system is present whereas an air injection system is present in Husqvarna chainsaws with which sawdust can be removed from the filter system of the engine. 

To start with the comparison, it should be noted that the Stihl chainsaw features an ErgoStart system while a quick-start system is featured in Husqvarna chainsaw due to which the machine can be started faster and easier.

Features of Stihl Chainsaw

Stihl Ematic system – With this feature, there is a 50% reduction in the consumption of chain lubrication.

Anti-vibration system – The vibration on the chainsaw handle in the Stihl brand is reduced due to the buffer zone, helping in reducing the fatigue. With this feature, this can be used for a longer duration by the user.

Stihl 2-Mix Engine – The Stihl 2-Mix has a gas-powered engine representing a 2-stroke in which fuel is saved by 20% and in comparison, with gas chainsaws, the emission is reduced by 70%.

Compensator – Due to this, fuel combustion is clean as the fuel-air mixture is prevented from clogging due to the controller in the Stihl carburetor. The combustion is also efficient as the proper fuel/air ratio is achieved.

Control handle – The control handle has been provided with a soft cushion due to which the user can witness a secure grip while handling the chainsaw.

Quick stop chain break – It is an additional braking system present in the cordless chainsaws which allows stopping the chain immediately if you go of the rear handle.

Features of Husqvarna Chainsaw

Autotune – With the feature of autotune in the chainsaw, all through the automatic engine settings, the engine performance is optimal. With this feature, the carburetor is not required to be adjusted manually.

Air Injection – This chainsaw has a centrifugal air cleaning system due to which the engine is protected from wear and tear and thus, between filter cleaning, the operating time is long.

X-Torq – The fuel efficiency of the chainsaw is improved with the presence of this feature as a result of which fuel consumption along with exhaust emission level is reduced.

Smart Start feature – Starting and stopping the chainsaw engine is an effortless task with its “easy to start” feature.

Since some features in both Stihl and Husqvarna are unique which are not found in other ones, it is hard for a new user to decide among the two chainsaws.

In Husqvarna, there are some automatic functionalities whereas, many standard features are present in Stihl.

Based on one feature, it can be said that Husqvarna has an edge over Stihl and this is the auto-adjusting feature due to which fine-tuning of the settings do not need much time.

Comparison Between Stihl and Husqvarna

Below is the comparison between the two brands based on some similar features. With this comparison, the buyer can decide on a brand suitable according to his requirements.

Cutting power and speed – There is often much difference in the cutting power and speed between the two brands. Usually, it is observed that various sizes and types of chainsaws are produced by both the companies like battery and electric powered chainsaws. But there is little difference between the two on the comparison. It is believed by many that when the speed of cutting wood is compared, Husqvarna is on the top whereas the opposite is believed by many others as well. But the actual thing is that this criterion depends on the model of the chainsaw. According to us, more or less both brands are almost the same in this respect.

Price – As compared to Husqvarna chainsaws, Stihl chainsaws are cheaper and the reason behind this is that bars and fuel tanks are smaller in Stihl chainsaws and also, they have a plastic crankcase. Based on this feature, it can be said that Stihl is a good option.

Handling – The fuel tanks in Husqvarna chainsaws are larger due to which they are heavy and so, handling is a little harder as compared to Stihl models. Thus, Stihl can be preferred over Husqvarna if you are looking for a lighter and easier-to-handle model.

Fuel Capacity – With a larger fuel tank, Husqvarna chainsaws can run for a longer period and it is not required to stop in between to refuel. On the other hand, the fuel tank in the Stihl chainsaw is small which makes it lighter, and thus, working with it is easier and comfortable. But one drawback in this is that the chainsaw has to be stopped in between to refuel it as less gas can be filled in it at a time. Based on this feature, it can be said that the Husqvarna chainsaw can be preferred if you want to have a chainsaw that runs for a long duration.

Safety – One of the essential features of all the machines is safety to ensure that the user has less risk of injury. The safety features in both the brands are good like low kickback chains and chain brakes. There is an option in both the brands to change the chains into more aggressive ones with more risk of kickback depending on the preference of the user.

Anti-vibration feature – The user may suffer from fatigue and white finger due to vibrations while using the chainsaw. The reason behind these conditions is a reduction in the blood flow due to continuous vibration and shaking. In Husqvarna chainsaws, vibration is reduced with its feature of LowVib technology, and also in Stihl chainsaws, vibration is reduced to a great extent. Thus, it can be said that comparing both of them in context to this feature, they are evenly matched.

Fuel Efficiency – The feature of the X-Torq engine is present in Husqvarna chainsaws with which engine efficiency is increased by minimizing harmful emissions. This indicates that the environment will be less polluted with its use and consumption of gas will be less as compared to Stihl chainsaws, making Husqvarna a better option.

Maintenance – All the gas-powered machines require maintenance at regular intervals and this even goes with chainsaws. It is believed that the requirement of maintenance is more for Husqvarna chainsaws as compared to Stihl chainsaws. By comparing this feature, it can be said Stihl has an edge over Husqvarna if you want to spend less time in the maintenance of the machine.

Availability – Husqvarna and Stihl are quite different when the availability between them is compared. From any online store, Husqvarna chainsaws can be purchased but it is not possible to buy Stihl chainsaws from these stores. An authorized Stihl dealer has to be contacted to get its product.

Even the servicing of Stihl is a little difficult as users are not encouraged by the brand to service their chainsaws themselves. The chainsaw has to be taken to a licensed dealer even for a basic service. This is done by the company mainly to ensure that the perfect quality of the products is received by the user. But for the users, this feature can be a little difficult to manage, and thus Husqvarna can be preferred over Stihl.


From the above discussion, we found that there are pros and cons in both the brands but deciding on the right one entirely depends on the needs of the individual and his job profile. Both Stihl and Husqvarna are high-quality brands of chainsaws and are known for delivering good products.