Best Chainsaw Brands in the World


It is a Swedish company founded in the year 1689 and it started with the production of muskets. With time, they went through many changes and led to the production of many different products. One of these is chainsaws and the first one was made by the company in 1959. The Husqvarna chainsaws are best known in the market due to many revolutionary features. 

There is a number of chainsaw models of Husqvarna available in the market and one of these is Husqvarna 460 20-inch Rancher Gas Chainsaw. 

Husqvarna 460  – It is a highly powerful and reliable model with a 20-inch bar and 60.3 cc two-stroke engine that has the power of 9,000 rpm. It consumes less fuel and has a low emission X-torque engine. The air filters last longer due to their centrifugal air-cleaning engine. 

Other well-known chainsaw models of Husqvarna are 

  • 240 Gas Powered Chainsaw
  • 120i Battery-Powered Chainsaw
  • 555 Gas-Powered Chainsaw
  • 365 Gas Powered Chainsaw


The first Stihl chainsaw was invented in the year 1926 by Andreas Stihl and since then the tools produced by the company are powerful and well-known. They are known for making this powerful tool that is easy to use and helps in doing the work with ease. 

Both professional and DIYers like to use its tools as new features are continuously added leading to the upgrading of the quality. 

The high-demand features of the Stihl chainsaw are chain braking technology, centrifugal clutch technology, long air filter design, and an anti-vibration operation system. From the Stihl production house, the top models are 

  • MS 271 Farm Boss
  • MSE 170 C-BQ
  • MS 251 C-BE
  • MSA 200 C-BQ
  • MS 461.

Black + Decker

With the inception of this company in Maryland in the year 1910, Black + Decker is known as a renowned company. It started as a machine shop and the invention of an electric hand-held drill was the first technology developed by Black + Decker. But it is not known clearly when did the company started with a chainsaw. Innovation, wisdom, and development are always given priority by the company due to which they are able to gain much excellence. The woodworkers and carpenters always applaud this company mainly due to various power tools developed by them. 

In these power tools, some unique features are present which are worth going through like tool-less chain tensioning, easy oiling system, and Li-ion battery system. 

Some of the models of Black + Decker in high demand are –

  • CS 1216 12 Amp 16 inches Corded Chainsaw
  • LCS1020 20V Max Lithium-Ion Chainsaw
  • LCS1020B 10-inch Lithium-ion Chainsaw
  • CS1518 15amp 18-inch Corded Chainsaw
  • LCS1240B 12-Inch Lithium-Ion Chainsaw.


One of the brands known to manufacture high-quality chainsaw chains and bars in Oregon founded in the year 1947. Now, the company has started producing its own chainsaw which is electric and battery operated. 

This brand has got good reputation in the market due to which everyone considers it a reliable company. They are known for their market-leading chain technology as some interesting features are added in their chainsaws like a built-in chain sharpener, low kickback design, and full chisel cutters. 

One of the high-selling models of Oregon chainsaws is 16 inches 15 Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw.

Poulan Pro Chainsaw Producer

The company which is well-recognized in the field of carpentry and woodworking tools is Poulan. Users are highly impressed and satisfied with the power tools produced by this brand. In the year 1946, this company was founded and since the starting, it deals with chainsaws. With time, Poulan has made great progress in developing power tools and accessories mainly due to the use of new and updated technologies as and when required. 

These user-friendly chainsaws have some unique features like Li-ion battery power, advanced grade anti-vibration, oxy power, and electronic brake chain motor. 

The running chainsaw models from the Poulan brand are 

  • Pro PR4016 16-inch 40cc 2-Cycle gas chainsaw
  • Pro PP5020AV
  • Poulan Pro Gas Chainsaw
  • Pro 18-inch PP4218AVX.


The Makita brand is developed in Japan which deals in power tools like chainsaws. It was founded in the year 1915 and known for battery-operated tools. 

Apart from this, it is also known for corded electric chainsaws. As one of the favorite brands among arborists and carpenters, it is spotted on the top of the list of chainsaws brands. 

The products developed by it are made from the newest technologies which satisfy every requirement of a carpenter. 

The top-selling battery-operated chainsaw by the Makita brand

  •  XCU03PTI1 Battery Powered Chainsaw


Craftsman is a well-known brand among woodworking, carpentry, and handyman ship professions. It has created lot many milestones in the market since its foundation in the year 1920. 

Impact wrenches were the first product launched by them but slowly they extended their branches in various other segments and led to the development of other kinds of hand tools, power tools, and tools accessories. 

Chainsaws from Craftsman has some good features like a tool-free chains adjuster, low kickback chain, spark arrestor screen, and chain catcher. In all the chainsaws, the company ensures that safety is not compromised at any point and thus, comfort and safety are two criteria that are given utmost importance while developing any model. 

The known chainsaw models of Craftsman are 

  • 20-inch 50 cc Gas-powered chainsaw
  • 18-inch 42 cc Gas-powered chainsaw
  • 24V Max Li-Ion 10-inch cordless chainsaw

Points to Be Considered While Selecting the Correct Chainsaws

It is often observed that the chainsaws which have basic designs are more reliable and work efficiently. Due to these features, homeowners and beginners prefer to buy the basic design models. But still, you should consider some points before deciding to buy a chainsaw. The first point is the experience level. The model of chainsaw differs for beginners, intermediate, and professionals. 

The features of the chainsaw are other criteria to be considered before selecting like weight, bar length, engine power, etc. 

The third criteria to consider is the cost, always try to find a model which is pocket-friendly and user-friendly. 

The reliability of the brand is also a key point that cannot be ignored. The brand should be well-known as these companies often produce good quality products.

Types of Chainsaw Motors

There are 3 basic types of motors in a chainsaw

Gas – They are mainly categorized in terms of cc and most commonly these are from 25cc to 80cc.

Electric – These are rated in amperes. 8 amps are for light-duty electric chainsaws whereas, 12-15 amps are mostly for robust models.

Battery-powered – In these models, the volt is the unit of measurement of the power of the chainsaws. There are many models with 18-40 volts but some chainsaws have the power of more than 80 volts.


The chainsaw brands discussed above are the most reliable ones but still, the scope of getting more good brands is present. It is also true that the preference of everyone in the case of chainsaw is different and entirely depends on various factors. 

In spite of this, the above reviews about these 7 brands will help you to select a chainsaw brand meeting all your requirements.